Posted on: May 24, 2008 1:38 pm
Edited on: May 24, 2008 1:54 pm

Spurs Not Dead Yet

It really bothers me how everyone has written the Spurs off already for the series against the Lakers. Lakers defended serve and won at home like they are supposed to do. Charles Barkley and Stephen A Smith both who in my opinion are idiots keep singing the praise of the Lakers. It is astonihing to me that a defending champion and 4 time champion in 9 years is given so little credit. I am sure the same people will try to find a way to bash the Spurs after they win game 3 on sunday. The Spurs are a classy team with a bunch of good citizens who do not get in trouble in there time away from the game. Look at Kobe accused of rape which was not proven in court. However he admitted to adultery on his wife. Yet this guy is worshipped by everyone. He got Shaq shipped out of LA. It goes to show you the morals and standards we have in society today are crazy. Anyhow I say the Spurs will come back and win game 3. Then once this is accomplished they have rest until gam 4 so they can get some energy back. Bottom line people don't give up on the spurs until they lose 4 games to the lakers. They are the team of the 2000's whether people like it or not. A True dynasty. The Spurs have done something 4 times Barkley never could do and that is win a championship. What has Stephen a Smith done nothing except run his big fat mouth. He is a true no class idiot.
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